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shsl fue player, hinko hanazawa. im gonna use her in a group ppththtbtptbh

pls commission me

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Awesome Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Cosplay Nailed it

Uhm, it’s a Buttercup Cosplay cosplay


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i like a boy in uniform (school uniform)

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"Can’t solve your own loneliness." 

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guess who’s home alone

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hey friends i still have A LOT of these dumb homestuck stickers i made for my 1000th follower giveaway like YEARS ago haha. Not all of these are characters are available. i dont wanna throw them away and they’re taking up space so who wants them.

short give away,

1 like 1 reblog

dont have to follow

random number generator pick

ends August 4th 2014

no international shipping sorry :’( (unless you wanna pay for it i guess)

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im a man and i LOVE sitting on GIANT BALLSACKS

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Told him to get off the top of the car, he did this

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found this in a doctors office

im not convinced they know what drugs do

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the best part about the inevitable chaos caused by hussie posting the final homestuck update is going to be people who weren’t visibly homestucks coming out of the woodwork to talk about it. talking and acting as though we were homestucks all along. you wake up one morning and we all have fucking shipping grids. your phone rings and you pick up and your fucking grandma is going to talk to you about rosemary. welcome to hellstuck

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